Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Playing with papercutting....

Years ago I took a weekend long papercutting workshop. We used teeny tiny scissors and began with pieces of newsprint before moving on the magazine pages. I loved it.
 We folded a paper in half and then cut the design. When we opened the paper we had a symmetrical design.
 Then we moved on to cutting freehand without folding the paper. This was a bit trickier.
 These are all quite small and are mounted on nice white bristol board.
Just for fun I listed a few in my shop.

What do you think? Should I do some more?


Anonymous said...

Nothing is more soothing than cutting paper. Nice work!

Murr Brewster said...

Heck yeah. I have a hankering for anything that artistically resembles a woodcut. I wonder if it's my high-north Norwegian blood speaking from the land of no colors.

Mary said...

thanks, Mary--and Murr--I do a lot of woodcuts, too...I love them and I have a serious hankering to go to Norway lately ;-)